Superstar Shooting Star Ring | 18ct Gold Vermeil on 925 Sterling Silver White Sapphires

£85.00 GBP


The dainty but mighty Shooting Star ring features two striking stars set with 0.16ct white sapphires in 18ct gold vermeil creating a unique and beautiful design.

If you happen to find yourself gazing upon this Shooting Star ring, close your eyes and make a wish. With this ring, know that all the positive vibrations are around you always, you’ll have all the good luck you will ever need right at your fingertips.

  • Dimensions:
  • Stars: Width: 9mm; Height: 9mm;
  • Band width: 2mm
  • Stone colour: Clear
  • Gemstone: White Sapphires
  • Material: 18ct Gold vermeil on 925 sterling silver
Product Code: SSSR